The Services List

Any Vehicle Make and Model

Gasoline, Rotary or Diesel Engines
Engine Repair
Engine Rebuild
Brake Systems
A/C Systems
Oil Changes
Tune Ups
Lift Kits
Lowering Kits
Steering Systems
Rack and Pinions
Minor Transmission Work
Fuel Injection Systems
Car Audio Installs
Alarm Installs
'Racing Alignments'
Exhaust Systems
Street Car Custom Builds
Show Car Custom Builds
Pro Race Custom Builds
Classic Car Restorations
Classic Car Upgrades
Street Rods
Race Cage Fitting and Welding
Custom Cages
Automotive Electrical
Check Engine Light Diagnosis
Engine, Suspension, Electrical Diagnosis
Racing Wheels and Tires
Racing Axles
4 Link Setups and Kits
Ladder Bar Setups and Kits
Frame Ties and Torque Bars
Race MR-10 and MR-15
Body Kits
Carbon Fiber
Interior and Exterior Lighting
Backup Cameras
Video Setups
Limo Electronics
Shave Kits
Lambo and Gullwing Door Kits
Suicide Door Kits
Hydraulic and Air Suspensions
IFS and IRS Complete Installs
Winch Kits
Bumper Kits
Trailer Hitches
Wooden Beds
Interior Restoration
Concourse Restoration Available
Complete Rear Ends – Made to Order

The Price Sheet

As of November 1, 2016

New Customer Evaluations (in El Paso County): $25
Current Customer Evaluations (in El Paso County): $15

Labor: $75 an hour plus sales tax
Restoration / Build Consultations: $150 for a two hour meeting, most estimates within 7 business days

Parts (civilian): 20% markup over our price
Parts (active military / senior citizens): 10% markup over our price

2% of the overall ticket will be added to cover supplies

Used Car* Evaluation (intended for purchase) within El Paso County - $50
*Used Cars are 2014 and prior

New Car* Evaluation (intended for purchase) within El Paso County - $20
*New Cars are 2015 and newer

Sales Tax is 8.25% as regulated by El Paso County and the State of Texas.